Everything You Wanted to Know about Spirited Art Private Parties

How many people and what are the costs?

Just like paintings, each location is a little bit different when it comes to the minimum number of people required to reserve a private party!  So first things first –  find your location:

Auburn:  Click here

Chattanooga:  12 person minimum (40 person maximum)

Huntsville:  12 person minimum (Sunday through Thursday night), 16 person minimum (Friday and Saturday night) (50 person maximum)

Jacksonville:  12 person minimum (40 person maximum)

Little Rock:  12 person minimum (40 person maximum)


  • 15 person minimum Sunday – Thursday (Night Time) 
  • 20  person minimum  Friday– Saturday (Night Time) 
  • 10 person minimum Monday – Friday (Day Time)  

Scranton:  12 person minimum (40 person maximum)

The cost is $35 per person.

We suggest inviting more than 12 (or 16) people, as unforeseen conflicts (babysitters, sickness, husband’s out of town, etc.) tend to arise the day of the party. Remember, you have reserved 12 seats, even if only ten people show up!! (INVITE A BUNCH OF PEOPLE!)

Can I use my Living Social, Groupon or other coupon?
Living Social, Groupon and other discounts are for regular classes only.  We can not accept them as payment for private parties.  Sorry!

How do I pick a date and time?
Email us and request a date. Ideally, we would like your request one month in advance of the party, because we try and update the calendar on a rolling monthly basis. The calendar fills up quickly, so email us as soon you can!

Evening parties start at 6:30 pm (guests should begin arriving at 6:00). Painting needs to begin at 6:30 pm so that there is enough time for paint to dry!

Daytime parties typically start at 10:00 am and at 2:00 pm.

Do I need to make a deposit?
A check for the deposit of $280 ($350 for Richmond), which pays for eight people, can be mailed directly to the studio.  Please see your location’s home page for the proper mailing address.

Please make the check payable to Spirited Art® and write the date of your party in the memo section.

Once we have received your deposit, your date will be officially listed on the calendar!  Please note that we will happily refund your deposit up to three weeks before your scheduled party.  Deposits are non-refundable, and a credit will be issued, for cancellations during weeks two and three before your scheduled party.  Unfortunately, 100% of your deposit will be forfeited (and no credit will be issued) if you need to cancel within 7 days of your scheduled party.  We hope you will understand that there is just not enough time to schedule another class.

Do I have to write a check for the deposit?
No. We can accept a credit card over the phone with your approval.

When is the balance due?
The balance is due at your party.

What else do I need to do?
Please email the following information to us:

  • the name and/or theme of your party,
  • your phone number,
  • the painting you have chosen, and
  • the estimated number of attendees and/or names.

Can we bring party food?
ABSOLUTELY! You may bring any food or drink you would like (with the exception of our Richmond studio, please see below). We have a refrigerator on site that you are welcome to use too. Be sure to bring utensils, plates and paper goods. We only provide the painting supplies.

Richmond Studio – Due to unique laws in Virginia, you will NOT be able to bring your own food, beer or hard liquor to the studio.  But never fear – we have a great alternative for you!  You WILL be able to order from The Wine Loft’s Private Event Menu as well as their extensive menu of wine and other beverages.  Also, you CAN bring your own WINE and pay a $10 corkage fee per regular sized bottle (750 ml) or $20 corkage fee per larger bottle (greater than 750 ml) to The Wine Loft.  And of course, you can still order from The Wine Loft’s regular Menu too.  To place your order, please email spiritedartrichmond@gmail.com at least one week prior to your party.

How long does a party last?

Parties typically last 3.5 hours and include one period of socializing. We need approximately 2.5 hours to complete our paintings. Please note that when the clock strikes 10:00 pm, parities must unfortunately come to an end as our artists need to go home!

How do I choose a painting?
You may choose your painting from among any offered by Spirited Art® or we can discuss other options that are appropriate for your group.  We will provide you with a link and password to view all of our current paintings!

What should we wear?
We provide smocks/aprons, but recommend that you wear older, paint friendly party clothes. You WILL get paint on your hands at some point during the party!

What time can I set up?
You may come up to one half hour before your party starts to set up.

Do I need to clean up?

We ask all guests to help clean up their painting area. We also ask that you allow time to clean up any food, drinks and party supplies. We will do the rest.

Anything else I should know?
We use Pandora Radio if you would like to choose your own music.