Class Questions:


+ Is this going to be a serious art class? Because I can barely draw stick people.

Um, there is going to be wine involved, so I have a feeling 'serious' is not the word to describe this art class! I think most people are a lot more creative than they think. Granted, we aren't going to start out painting portraits of our kids and pets! But we will work on landscapes, still life's, and abstract/geometric compositions as well as holiday decorations. All of these projects will be lighthearted and fun.

+ What if I’ve haven’t painted since the 2nd grade?

The artist will take you step by step through the painting. If you know your colors, shapes and can write then you can certainly handle the basics of painting! We will give you advice that we have learned over the years, so you can improve and build your confidence in a shorter amount of time. A relaxed attitude and giving yourself permission to experiment are the most important steps to a great painting!

+ I used to paint a lot. Is this class only for beginners?

Some people come to this class just because it provides easy access to art supplies. If you are an experienced painter, feel free to cut loose and take your painting where ever your creativity demands.

+ What types of classes do you offer and how much do they cost?

We offer many different types of classes. These include our classic adult class for $35 per person and Date Night classes (two adults) for $60 a pair. We also offer kids classes for $25 per child and Create Date classes (one adult and one child) for $45 per Create Date duo. If you would like to bring a second child to a Create Date class, the cost is an additional $20 (paid at the studio upon arrival). We also offer Family and Tween classes, specifically designed for older kids and teenagers (and their moms too!). Family classes are $30. Last but not least we have two opportunities to paint your favorite four-legged friend. Our Pet Portrait (where one of our artists will pre-sketch your pet on a canvas before you arrive) is $50 and our Pet Caricature (where we will walk you through drawing and painting your pet) is $35. We hope you and your family will try them all!

+ Is there a minimum number of people needed to have a class?

Yes, we need a minimum of three people to hold the class. Unfortunately, if there are less than three people, we will have to cancel. We will call you the day before the class to let you know. Maybe you'll be able to recruit a friend to paint with you!

If class is cancelled, we will issue you a refund or credit. Please note that we can only inform you that class is cancelled if you are registered! If you plan to "walk-in", please call ahead to make sure there are seats available and the class is a go!

+ When are classes held?

We have evening classes from 6:30-9:00 pm every day of the week (except major holidays). Our doors open at 6:00 p.m. and class begins at 6:30 p.m. Please don’t come earlier as our artists are getting ready for the class. We promise you will have a seat! Evening classes are geared toward adults (see our separate section for kids). Check our calendar for all upcoming classes.

+ Are there age requirements for your evening classes, you say they are geared toward adults?

Just as classroom activities and teaching styles are tailored to be age-appropriate, our paintings are designed to be fun projects for individuals ages 16 and up. Classes often have a “girls night out” atmosphere and sometimes parents just need to act like kids. Of course, you must be at least 21 years of age to bring and consume alcoholic beverages.

We haven't forgotten about our tweens and teens though! We offer Family classes specifically with these age groups in mind. These classes are perfect for younger painters who want to come paint with or without the rest of their family!

+ Can I bring wine?

You can bring any beverage or food item you like (with the exception of our Richmond studio - see below)! The way we see it is the more relaxed and happy you are, the better you will learn from this experience! We do not provide alcohol nor do we provide food or drinks, but our fridge is your fridge. Bring whatever you’d like and make yourself at home! We provide cups and corkscrews.

RICHMOND STUDIO - Due to some unique alcohol laws in Virginia, we have found a way for you to enjoy drinks and food by partnering up with The Wine Loft. You CANNOT bring food, beer or hard liquor to the studio. But you CAN bring your own WINE and pay a $10 corkage fee per regular sized bottle (750 ml) or $20 corkage fee per larger bottle (greater than 750 ml) to The Wine Loft. You WILL be able to order off of the The Wine Loft's extensive wine and beverage menu. Hungry? You will also be able to order delicious flatbreads, sliders, cheese boards and more from The Wine Loft. Food and drinks will be served to you while you are painting!

+ What should I wear?

We strongly suggest that you wear comfortable, paint friendly clothes! We provide smocks (which are similar in style to aprons), but you WILL get paint on your hands. Paint can unexpectedly end up on your pants, sleeve or even your shoe or purse! Remember this is a paint studio and you are an artist for the night! Our goal is for you to relax, be creative and not stop to worry (even for a second!) about getting paint on your favorite pair of jeans.

+ What time do I need to arrive for class?

You can arrive 30 minutes prior to class (doors open at 6:00 pm!) and that will give you plenty of time to settle in, have a beverage, and start to chat --I mean paint. Please note that you can show up 15 minutes prior to class and still be ready to start on time.

+ What size canvas do you use?

We use 10x20", 16x20" or 11x14" stretched canvases for our evening classes (size will be listed on the calendar). We select the canvas size based on what we feel is most appropriate for each subject. We paint our edges, so you don't have to buy a frame unless you just want too. Our children's classes use 11x14” stretched canvas unless otherwise noted on our calendar.

+ Will my painting be dry by the end of the night?

We always paint with drying time in mind, but you can use one of our hair dryers to take care of any remaining damp areas at the end of class.

+ I still have a few questions. What's the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through email:

Auburn: Chattanooga: Huntsville: Jacksonville: Little Rock: Richmond: Scranton:

As we teach the majority of our classes at night, our daytime studio hours are not set in stone. Send us an email and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours! We love your questions as well as feedback!


I am Sold! What do I need to do next?


+ How do I sign up for a class?

Click on the studio's calendar button and you will be directed to a page where all of our paintings for the next 4 weeks are listed. Click on the image of the painting you would like to paint. You will be taken to an online shopping cart where you will complete your reservation. If it's your first time to our site, you will need to set up an account with a password.

+ How do I know if there is room for my friend?

If you do not see the words, "Waiting List" below the painting, there are still seats available!

+ How does the Waiting List work?

When a class becomes full, "Waiting List" appears below the painting on our calendar. Simply click on the painting to sign up for the Waiting List. If someone cancels a seat (last minute changes really do happen!), you will be notified instantly by email. All people on the waiting list are notified at the same time and the first person to register gets the seat. If you register for a Waiting List, your credit card is NOT charged . . . that only happens if you come back and sign up after we’ve notified you of an available seat!

+ Why do I have to pay when I reserve my seat?

The process of registering for a Spirited Art® class is like buying theater or sporting event tickets online: you decide when you want to go, select the date and pay for the tickets online at that time. But, unlike other online ticket purchases, with a Spirited Art® registration you have up to the day before your class to change or cancel your reservation with no penalty.

+ Why do I have to create an account?

Your account allows us to keep track of your reservations so we know when you're coming. It also helps us keep you informed with reminders about your reservation, special promotions, and new calendar postings.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

Our online system allows us to accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. You may also arrive 30 minutes prior to class and pay with check, cash or credit card. However, to reserve a seat ahead of time you must register on-line.

+ What if someone I know wants to sign up but doesn’t have access to the Internet?

You are welcome to register online for yourself and anyone else, or you may walk-in and pay for an unreserved seat 30 minutes before each class, on a first-come-first-serve basis. We highly recommend that you call before walking-in to ensure that there are still seats available (we do sell out!) and that the class is a go (unfortunately, sometimes we have to cancel a class). You may also sign up for class on another day at this time (from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm each night). The only time we cannot assist a registration is during private parties.

+ Is it safe to register on-line?

Online payment via credit card is secure, fast, easy and will guarantee that your registration is processed immediately. We are using a certificate : 128-bit SSL encryption. Your information is safely housed on secure servers maintained by The Paypal Pro merchant services division, one of the leading worldwide providers of online payment transactions. In addition, your reservation is processed through RezClick, a Florida-based company that manages reservation systems for more than 300 schools across the country.

+ Can I register by phone?

Yes! We can take a reservation over the phone with a credit card payment. Remember that we are open every night, so our daytime hours are not set in stone. If you need to register for a last minute class, we recommend registering on-line to ensure that you have a seat.

+ Do you ever share my information with third parties?

NEVER!!!!! We only use your email address to send you reminders, promotions, and news about Spirited Art.

+ I have reserved a seat but am unable to attend. What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel the day of the class or simply fail to show, you will be charged for the class because we will be unable to fill your spot at the last minute. As long as you cancel prior to twenty-four hours before the scheduled class time, you will be provided a full refund.

+ How often do you post a new monthly calendar?

New paintings and event schedules are posted 4 weeks ahead on a rolling basis. For this reason, we ask that all private parties be booked at least one month before they are to occur.

+ Do you offer gift certificates?

YES! Gift Certificates to SPIRITED ART are exceptionally unique and thoughtful gifts for any occasion. You may purchase them online and print them out with a unique code your recipient types in when making a reservation. You can buy them for a single $35 class or any other dollar amount. Gift certificates expire after three years. To purchase a gift certificate on-line, click on the studio's calendar (be sure to pick the right location) and look for our gift certificate link on the left hand side of the page. You may also purchase gift certificates at any of our studios.


Special Events


+ What about Private Parties?

We've put together a page all about arranging a private party. Please click here.

+ What about Charitable Events?

We strongly believe in giving back to our community. We think that creating works of art while raising money for a great cause is quite an amazing combination! We hold charitable event fundraisers once a month. Everyone signs up through our calendar as usual, but on these nights, we give up to 50% of our proceeds back to the selected charity. This is often over $1,000 in one night! Help us give back to the community and send us a request for your favorite non-profit.

+ What about School Nights?

Monday nights are School Nights at Spirited Art®! We love the idea of creating art and conversation while raising money to help our kids. Everyone signs up through our calendar as usual, but on Monday nights, we give $10.00 per person back to a local schools' art program. Each Monday raises money for a different local school. Contact us to make sure your school is represented. It's that easy!


My Kids Want to Paint Too!


+ What are the age requirements for kid classes?

The recommended age range is 5 to 12 years old, however all ages are welcome. We are very patient and offer individual help along the way. You may sit with your child and offer encouragement. Please note that children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult during class. Older kids are welcome too and can add more detail to their paintings. We want you to be as original as you like!

+ What time do kids classes start?

Weekend classes start at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. We open the doors 30 minutes prior to class time.

+ What is Create Date?

Our Create Date class is an opportunity for you to enjoy painting with one of the special children in your life! You and a child will create priceless works of art that are designed to be hung together (or separately). The classes are approximately 1.5 hours long. We think the biggest issue will be who gets to hang the paintings in their room! Classes are $45 and will use two different sized stretched canvases.

Two special kids? Please bring an additional child (or adult) for $20. This amount is paid at the studio upon your arrival. You still only need to register for one Create Date duo.

+ What about Kid’s Parties?

Interested in hosting a children's party. You can find everything you need by clicking here.

+ What about Summer Camps?

We are excited to offer three and four day Kid's Camps during the summer months (typcially Monday through Thursday). Elementary and Middle school artists paint colorful and creative paintings, just like their parents. Daily sessions last between 2 and 3 and half hours depending on the camp. Each session will encourage and challenge your young artist as they create amazing works of art. Most of all, we want your children to have fun!

Kid's Camp sessions are posted on our calendar (sign up just like you do for an adult class). All art supplies and materials are included in the registration fee. Paintings are designed specifically for our youngest artists (Matisse and Santa Camp) as well as more experienced artists (Van Gogh and O'Keeffe Camp).

Don't worry if your child has been to Spirited Art classes or camps before - all paintings will be brand NEW in each camp. For more dates and times, see your location's home page.

+ What is Family Night?

Family Night is an opportunity for tweens, teens and adults to paint together in a family friendly atmosphere (sorry grown-ups, no wine on this night!). This night was created for kids aged 10 to 17, however, all ages are welcome. Paintings are more detailed than those offered in our kids classes and often share the same inspiration as our adult paintings. Classes start at 5:30 pm, cost $25, and are intended to last approximately 1.5 hours.




+ What are Frequent Painter Punch-Cards?

Come take four classes with us and receive your fifth class FREE! We love our frequent painters and want to reward your enthusiasm and loyalty!

Be sure to create a Spirited Art account so that we have a record of the classes you have taken as well as your contact information (if a friend signs you up for class, we won't know that you came!).

Receiving your free class is easy. When you attend your fourth class, simply turn in your punch-card to your teacher and we will email you a special code for a free class.

We have kids punch-cards too. We certainly wouldn't want to leave them out!